A user’s manual is available here that demonstrates how to use WEB GESCA.

1. How to use WEB GESCA

A. Sample data and model
Bergami and Bagozzi’s (2000) organizational identification data are used for illustrative purposes. The number of cases is equal to 305. The model specified for the data is displayed in Figure 1 (No residual terms are displayed in the figure). As shown in the figure, this model consists of four latent variables and 21 reflective indicators. Specifically, Organizational Prestige (Org_Pres) is measured by eight indicators (cei1 – cei8), Organizational Identification (Org_Iden) by six indicators (ma1 – ma6), Affective Commitment-Joy (AC_Joy) by four indicators (orgcmt1, 2, 3 and 7), and Affective Commitment – Love (AC_Love) by three indicators (orgcmt5, 6, and 8).

Figure 1. The specified structural equation model for the example data